The Kitchen Garden at Cormiston Farm

Relax in the two acre grounds and garden

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Martagon Lily - July

Martagon Lily

Daffodils in April

Daffodils in April

Snow Covered Trees at Cormiston

Trees and Tinto Hill in Winter

Cormiston Farm is surrounded by about 2 acres of grounds, consisting of lawns, flower-beds, orchard, farm-yards, outbuildings, a walled garden and wooded areas. The grounds are bordered by open fields, grazed by alpaca, hebridean sheep, ponies and horses. The farm is 26 acres.

The Kitchen Garden was part of the original Georgian property, and is surrounded by a 6 foot stone wall. Most of the vegetables for dinner are grown here. There are well established rhubarb crowns, raspberries, blackcurrants and strawberries. The box hedging marks out the traditional quarters of the garden. The birds eat all the red currants - so a fruit cage has now been installed.

The Garden is an ongoing project, with the planting of a new Herb Garden, as well as hedging of hawthorn, dogrose, blackthorn and other local species. A small orchard lies to the north of the house with many traditional tree varieties: bramley, cox's orange pippin, Worcester pearmain and others.

The garden looks very different as each season passes. Snowdrops giving way to daffodils, and then to bluebells; Rhododendrons and Azalea in May. The Rhododendrons, that are attempting (as always) to take over the garden are being pruned in turn, revealing areas for new Hellebore and Trilium.

Some areas are left wild (with nettles, long grass and chicory) to encourage voles, butterflies and other wildlife.

Pond Construction Work is complete on the pond in the farmyard at the back of the house. This is the home for sticklebacks and frogs. A smaller wildlife pond is being dug at the bottom of the hill, where the fields drain, for frogs and other wild creatures.

The Barn and Pond at Cormiston

Garden birds include goldfinch, chaffinch, wren, blue tit, coal tit, greenfinch, dunnock, house sparrow, tree sparrow, robin, blackbird, thrush, great spotted woodpecker and others. Tawny owls hoot occasionally in the surrounding woods, and barn owls are sometimes spotted swooping along the hedgerows. A heron sometimes stands to watch the sticklebacks in the pond.

Sunset on the old Barn at the back of the house

The old barn at sunset

Secluded walled garden where the vegetables for dinner are home-grown.

The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden

The Woodland Garden in Summer

The Woodland Garden in Summer

Snowdrops and Hellebore in February

Snowdrops in February

Aubrieta in March - on the walled garden

Aubrieta in the Kitchen Garden