Cormiston Farm - Early Spring

The Renovation of the 18th Century Barn at Cormiston

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We want to remove the ugly breeze-blocks from the barn doors - we have waited over 3 years for Listed Building Consent to do this work.



The barn, listed by Historic Scotland, has been sympathetically restored using original Welsh slate, whinstone from the nearby quarry, and lime mortar.

 There is a lot of renovation work to do, but this is a great step towards preserving this historic building for future generations.

More plans and drawings wait to be approved by the council in the next few weeks. The application for Listed Building Consent is still outstanding and will be granted when future building work is approved. It is hoped that the barn can open again for events in late Spring 2019.

Councillors voted unanimously to grant the application at the Planning Committee Meeting in Hamilton on Tuesday 4th November 2014. The barn was seen as an asset to Biggar and the surrounding area, and the council were supportive of the change which was in accordance with their current strategic plans for the county.

We now need to get South Lanarkshire Council to give Listed Building Consent and sign off the Building Warrant.

Please note that we are not taking any bookings for weddings in the barn at Cormiston Farm at the moment. Sorry for the disappointment. As soon as the barn becomes available for bookings, we will let you know. We would be delighted to show you round the current renovations. Just email:

The barn at sunset

The barn at sunset


The Barn at Cormiston

View of the Farm from Whinney Brae

Lagonda at Cormiston Farm